Your Trusted Denture Clinic in Toronto, ON

At Smiles From Ear to Hear, we provide expert dental care, specializing in a range of denture solutions. We understand the importance of a confident smile and comfortable bite, and we’re committed to helping you achieve both with our high-quality, affordable dentures.
Your trusted denture clinic in Toronto, ON
Denture Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a variety of denture options, including:

Complete Dentures: Replace all missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Complete dentures are a comprehensive solution for those who have lost all their natural teeth.
Partial Dentures: Designed to fill gaps where only some of the natural teeth are missing. These can be a great solution to prevent other teeth from shifting position.
Flexible Dentures: These offer a comfortable and aesthetic solution. They’re light, thin and flexible, allowing for a natural fit and appearance.

The Smiles From Ear to Hear Denturist Difference
Our denturists work meticulously to create dentures that feel comfortable, function well and look natural. We provide personalized care, ensuring you understand your options and are comfortable with your treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do dentures cost in Ontario?

The cost of dentures varies widely depending on the type of denture and the specific needs of the patient. We strive to provide affordable denture solutions and can discuss the options available to fit your budget during your consultation.

Can you eat with dentures?

Yes, with practice and adjustment, most people are able to eat normally with dentures. It might take some time to get used to them, but eventually, you should be able to eat most foods.

How long do dentures last?

With proper denture care, dentures can last between 5-10 years. However, it's important to have regular dental check-ups to ensure your dentures continue to fit well, as your mouth shape can change over time.

Can you sleep with dentures in?

While it's possible to sleep with dentures, it's usually recommended to remove them at night to allow your gums and bone to rest.

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Are you ready to restore your confident smile and comfortable bite with our expert denture solutions? Smiles From Ear to Hear Clinic is your trusted denture clinic in Toronto.

We offer a range of denture options, including complete dentures, partial dentures, and flexible dentures. Our denturists take pride in creating dentures that are comfortable, functional, and natural-looking. With personalized care and attention to detail, we’ll ensure you understand your options and feel confident in your treatment plan.

Don’t wait to bring back your confident smile. Request a callback from our team today to schedule your consultation. We’ll answer your questions, address your concerns, and guide you towards the denture solution that best fits your needs. Let’s create your best smile together.

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