We've gathered some stories from our patients who have improved their quality of life by choosing to seek treatment for their hearing loss.

Know Somebody Considering Treating Their Hearing Loss? | Inspirational Stories from Our Patients

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Every day patients call our office with concerns about their hearing loss. They often have quite a few questions about treatment. While we are always more than happy to share our professional advice, navigating hearing loss can be scary. And sometimes it’s beneficial to talk to someone who’s been in a similar position to the one you’re in. 

The problem is that not everyone knows someone personally who is experiencing hearing loss or who wears hearing aids. To help solve this problem, we’ve gathered some stories from our patients who have improved their quality of life by choosing to seek treatment for their hearing loss. 

I hope that these success stories encourage you to take the next step on your journey to better hearing. And if you know someone who might benefit from these stories, please feel free to share this article with them. 

Our first story comes from Fred. 

Fred shares that a few months ago he began dealing with some hearing problems. His friends and family were telling him that he needed to do something about it, so he made an appointment at Smiles from Ear to Hear. He ended up being fitted for hearing aids. Fred says,

“They have really changed my relationship with family and friends because now they don’t have to scream at me. They don’t repeat everything a second and third time.” 

Our next story comes from a patient named Marie. 

Marie was desperate to hear well because she couldn’t hear some sounds at all – only high pitches. She was frustrated and embarrassed, so she made an appointment with Smiles from Ear to Hear. And her quality of life has improved greatly! Marie says,

It’s not just the first time – no matter how many times I needed help and adjusting, they helped and made me so comfortable. I now can hear better, and I’m so happy that I can actually participate in conversations instead of faking it.” 

Our final story is from Francis.  

Francis shares that one of the most fortuitous moments of her life was meeting Dr. Valente. She says, 

“When I needed hearing aids, he was amazingly professional, dedicated, and passionate about his work. I had no hesitation in asking any of the questions that I needed answered.”

Hearing aids have allowed Francis to hear and live a better life. 

Common Reasons People Avoid Hearing Loss Treatment 

Most people don’t take action right away when they first suspect they may have hearing loss. In fact, the average person will wait seven years before seeking treatment. There are two main reasons for this.  

#1. Concerns about wearing hearing aids

No one looks forward to the day that they need to rely on hearing aids to hear well. It’s understandable to have concerns about how hearing aids will look. But the good news is that hearing aid technology has come a long way over the years! There are many options on the market that are nearly invisible.  

Hearing aids can dramatically improve your ability to hear, which improves your overall quality of life.  

#2. Concerns about the financial investment

Treating hearing loss will come with some financial investment. But don’t let that discourage you. Options like insurance, financing, and payment plans can help.  

When you visit your audiologist for a comprehensive hearing assessment, they’ll review the best options for you based on your budget and lifestyle.  

What’s Next?  

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, I hope these stories inspire you to seek treatment right away.

It can be tempting to delay treatment, but keep in mind that untreated hearing loss worsens over time. Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to better hearing, you can reach our team by calling us at 416-590-9100

We look forward to helping you on your journey to better hearing! 

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