Persona Hearing Aids

Persona Hearing Aids

Persona Medical produced its first analogue hearing aids a little over 50 years ago. Technology has changed dramatically since that time and Persona has changed along with it, developing innovative solutions that utilize digital technology.

Persona has stayed on the cutting edge of advanced hearing aid innovations with design changes and refinements that help enhance the quality of the hearing experience of their users.

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Persona Sound Processing and Features

A major innovation in hearing aid technology is Persona’s Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, which is also used in the reproduction of music. Persona’s Dynamic Speech Enhancement Compression system is an innovative technology designed to improve listening comfort during conversations in noisy environments.

Traditional BTE- and RIC-style devices from Persona feature Null Tracking Adaptive Directional Microphones, Auto Switching Telephone pick-up, and VoicePro software technologies to help improve conversation clarity.

Persona Hearing Aids

Persona hearing aids also include All-in-One Speech Enhancement, a moisture barrier, and multifunctional rocker style switches to enhance user flexibility and convenience.

More powerful BTE digital instruments use Trimmer Control to overcome the stigma of analogue-era hearing aids by delivering frequency response adjustments that solve clarity issues for individuals with profound levels of hearing loss.

TeleSolutions and FocusMic Systems are used to improve sound clarity during phone conversation while improving speech comprehension in noisy environments.

Hearing Aid Repair Focused on Meeting Your Needs

Persona hearing aids are an advanced technology solution for those experiencing hearing loss. Since our focus is on meeting your needs, we provide troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair for those who wear Persona hearing aids, as well as those with hearing aids manufactured by ReSound, Rexton, Siemens, and others.

One of the main advantages of choosing Smiles from Ear to Hear over an online or OTC hearing aid dispenser is our personalized, family-oriented approach to serving you. The focus of our team is ensuring that you get the most out of your hearing aids with ongoing, trusted, and personalized care, so you achieve better hearing and improve your quality of life.

If you, or a loved one, are struggling to hear the things you love to hear and need some help from a hearing aid technician, or if you want to check out the advanced-technology hearing aids we have available, contact us using the adjacent form.

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