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Frequently Asked Questions Ahead of Your First Appointment

How Long Do Dental Implants and Hearing Aids Last?

Both dental implants and hearing aids can typically last for several years with proper care. Dental implants can last a lifetime with appropriate oral hygiene, while hearing aids usually last between five to seven years before they start to show signs of decline. Keep in mind that technological advancements may warrant an upgrade even if your device is still functioning.

Can I Bring Somebody With Me To The Appointment?

Absolutely, we encourage you to bring a loved one along. They often have an important perspective on your challenges, whether it's related to hearing loss or dental issues. Including them in the journey can be mutually beneficial.

How Long Will The Appointment Last?

Your first appointment will typically last around 60 minutes as we conduct comprehensive assessments and get to know you better.

What Happens During An Assessment?

Our assessment procedures are thorough. For dental check-ups, we'll evaluate your oral health, inspect your teeth, gums and other oral tissues and perform necessary dental imaging. If you have dental implants, we'll examine their condition and the surrounding tissue.

In the case of hearing assessments, we'll inspect your ears, test your hearing and understand any challenges you are facing. If you're using hearing aids, we'll assess their performance and make any necessary adjustments.

We'll then review your results together and discuss the next steps based on your needs.

Our Patients Are Family

At Smiles From Ear to Hear, every patient is warmly welcomed as a family member. We have a set of core values that define our practice and forge lasting relationships with our patients.

1. Kindness

Our passion lies in making a meaningful difference in our patients’ lives. We often turn patients into friends through our compassionate and friendly approach.

2. Commitment

Better hearing and oral health require consistent care. We’ll be there to guide you through this journey, ensuring you achieve a healthy and joyful life.

3. Respect

Our reputation has been built upon maintaining the highest standards in audiological and dental care. We take pride in treating each patient as an individual and addressing their unique needs.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our family.

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